Monday, November 12, 2012

Prayer Stand Support Contribution

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In an effort to reach the community of Albany, New York, as part of our church planting plan, we are hoping to use the Prayer Stand as a tool to spark conversation. The Prayer Stand will be useful in making contact with people who may be going through difficult times and would be open to someone praying for them, encouraging them or counseling. This will help us also to identify which parts of town God is working in, and who He is speaking to. Our goal is to use this to help people and increase the base of our church plant numerically.
The Prayer Stand is endorsed by people who frequently witness or answer questions of skeptics or seekers in a multitude of locations, from University campuses to public parks, downtown streets and outdoor fairs. It provides a non-threatening opportunity for people to discuss spiritual matters that are currently on their hearts.
The cost of this wonderful tool is approximately $500, plus approximately $50 for shipping. Our goal is to raise $550 as soon as possible so we can immediately put this tool into action
We are asking for your help in TWO ways.
First, and MOST IMPORTANT- please PRAY for us. Please pray for guidance, wisdom, and boldness to reach out to those who are hurting and many who feel they are without hope.

Second- please consider donating to help us purchase this tool. There are 5 different contribution options above you can choose to make a donation through Paypal: Supporter, Encourager, Proponent, Exhorter and Challenger.
*Please note that we are not yet set up as a non-profit status, so your donations are unfortunately not tax-deductible. Also, Paypal charges a small fee for this service. For example, for a $5.00 donation, you would be charged $5.00, and we would receive $4.35.

In turn, we look forward to keeping you up to date in our outreach and opportunities to minister to others, as well as other updates about the planting of Albany's newest church.
Thank you for your PRAYERFUL support!

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